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Core Drills

Handheld and stand mount core drilling solutions from Husqvarna. We also stock and sell Husqvarna Core Drill bits, from wet applications to dry.  Various sizes and diamond configurations available depending on type of material being drilled.

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 Husqvarna Diamond Core Bit - 10 Inch x 14 Inch, Model B5300 Turbo Core Bit

Husqvarna DM220

Handheld electric core drill for both dry and wet drilling. DM 220 has a level guiding system with a LED indicator, making it a perfect choice when looking for a drill motor with precision and efficiency. The ergonomically designed handle with D-handle gives you good control while drilling. Handheld core drilling up to 4 in. or drilling with stand up to 6 in. Suitable for light applications such as ventilation, plumbing pipes, electrical sockets and cables. An excellent choice for professionals as well as less experienced users.

Husqvarna DM280

The DMS 280 is a complete core drilling system for a variety of drilling applications. The system drills reinforced concrete, bricks, and other building material up to 16" in diameter. The stand is tiltable for angle drilling, and features a convenient carry handle.


Husqvarna DM240

 DMS 240 is an electric drill motor and stand system for a wide variety of core drilling applications. An ideal system for medium core drilling in walls, floors and roofs up to 10 in. diameter. The stand is easy to tilt, and the back support provides reliable and stable angle drilling, saving you setup time and body stress. This system can be used for ventilation, plumbing waste evacuation pipes, barriers and road signs.


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